Another New Year is upon us. But unlike other New Years when all eyes are on the future’s possibilities, this one compels us to look back at the year gone by.
Little did border and security personnel around the world think they’d soon be armed with thermometer guns and their job profiles would include checking the body temperature and health documents of every incoming individual.

Running a digital clinic in 2019 may have been ‘forward-thinking’ of most healthcare providers but in 2020 the future is here. Going into 2021, if you haven’t switched to a digital clinic yet, you have some catching up to do. Here are 10 reasons your clinic needs a digital upgrade now!

UBS Wealth Management Singapore recently released its ‘Year Ahead 2021’ outlook that declares the coming year as “a year of renewal”. The Swiss multinational investment bank is betting big on health tech being one of the sectors to deliver the “the next big thing” of the decade.
COVID-19 pushed health care providers to adopt telehealth with renewed vigour. Here’s how digital communication tools came handy to innovatively address challenges posed by the pandemic:

Vault Dragon has rapidly evolved from an early-stage to growth-stage startup in our 7-year-young journey. Here’s a glimpse of how Vault Dragon has pioneered the healthcare delivery revolution in Asia: