DragonHub is our smart, multi-tasking, cloud-based Clinic Management Software that makes running a clinic effortless.
Automatically manage in-clinic patient visits, take notes that are instantly synced and provide holistic patient health analysis.

Manage specialist schedules with integrated filters and calendar views.
Keep patients engaged with customised reminders that also reduce no-shows.
Always have an eye on your inventory with real-time tracking and alerts.

DragonHub even takes care of your clinic’s non-medical functions like billing, insurance claims,
tax records, marketing, administration and employee management tasks.

Cloud-based Clinic Management Software

Smart Queue and Appointment Management System

Manage in-clinic patient visit with automated queue system.
Quick note function to facilitate internal communication between providers for each unique patient visit.
Better manage Doctor’s appointment and schedule with integrated filters and calendar views.
Engage patients through customised reminder messages, reduce no-shows.

Smart consulting

Record / View Casenotes via both typing and writing.
Doodle / Write with beautifully designed clinical templates.
Record patients’ vitals and provide holistic analysis of patients’ health status.
Customise templates with patient information.

Inventory management & E-pharmacy module

Record clinic’s inventory with real time tracking.
Better manage inventory with low-stock alerts and out of stock alerts.
Enhance pharmacist prescription packing efficiency with real-time notification.

Smart Clinic Insights Reporting

Curate more than 20 reports on the clinic’s patient, financial and inventory information
Gain deeper insights to improve clinic management.

Billing system and Invoices

Generate draft as well as closed Invoices.
Trackfor outstanding payments
Part payment of invoices by corporates and insurance companies

Multi branch setup,off line version, HR and Marketing

Manage multiple clinic locations on a single platform.
Create in-clinic campaign and marketing to boost sales.
Easy management of employee shifts and leaves.