Our Suite of Software

More than 650 healthcare providers in Singapore, China, Indonesia and Thailand swear by Vault Dragon’s award-winning digital health solutions. Over the years, we have digitised over 1.2 million unique patient records.

Vault Dragon is the first vertically integrated medical record company in Asia that offers end-to-end medical record solutions. From electronic record archival to case note annotation and a state-of-the-art multi-branch clinic management solution, we have it all.


  • DragonScan is our secure document management system which enables your move from paper to digital.
  • It helps doctors and healthcare professionals digitise and store their hardcopy medical records accurately and securely.
  • With specialised scanning equipment and trained personnel to handle records, feel the difference Vault Dragon software brings to your existing workflow.
  • Experience the benefits of increased efficiency in day-to-day operations.


  • DragonCare is our advanced application that empowers your patients with personalised healthcare at their fingertips.
  • The easy-to-use interface enables a connected journey of healthcare, no matter where your patients are.
  • The app engages them in healthcare delivery, enabling them to self-register, book appointments, check availability, and access holistic medical records and data in real-time.
  • Patients gain control over their health thereby switching behaviour from responsive to proactive.


  • DragonView is Vault Dragon’s customised cloud archival solution for clinics and healthcare providers.
  • The portal-based system allows real-time access and management of digitised health records.
  • Controls that can be restricted to authorised personnel ensure a secure, cloud-based EMR system.
  • With this modern solution, you can view, organise, search and download digital records anywhere and at any time.


  • DragonLab is our bespoke workflow management tool.
  • It empowers sophisticated medical laboratories to efficiently streamline a lab’s end-to-end tasks.
  • Vault Dragon’s lab information system gets to work right from the time a sample arrives to the time the final report is generated and delivered to the patient.
  • You can rest assured that we go the extra mile to ensure data confidentiality and security.


  • DragonHub is our smart, multi-tasking, cloud-based Clinic Management Software that makes running a clinic effortless.
  • Automatically manage in-clinic patient visits, take notes that are instantly synced and provide holistic patient health analysis.
  • Manage specialist schedules with integrated filters and calendar views. Keep patients engaged with customised reminders that also reduce no-shows.
  • Always have an eye on your inventory with real-time tracking and alerts. DragonHub even takes care of your clinic’s non-medical functions like billing, insurance claims, tax records, marketing, administration and employee management tasks.


  • DragonInsights empowers healthcare providers and patients with holistic reports and data, smart insights and analytics.
  • Beyond health and medical records, it also provides on-demand reports and insights to clinics on competitor landscape and market trends.
  • Obtain patient and financial data insights via visualisation and predictive analytics.
  • The advanced software can also consolidate and integrate data from multiple source systems.