COVID-19 has upended a lot of industries on a global basis, such as travel and tourism. However, it has also accelerated digitalization in many other industries that have been analog and traditional.
Vault Dragon began as a startup offering logistics technology solutions in 2013. It’s only when they began receiving many requests for storage solutions from clinics for their medical records that the young startup made its first pivot to healthcare in 2015.

VenturePreneurslooks at the challenges that fledgling ventures face if they choose to go global and why some companies take the leap. Each of the 6 episodes follows one start up or small enterprise, making a foray into Asian countries and beyond.

Vault Dragon has been featured in Galen Growth Asia | HealthTech Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) Health Tech Ecosystem report 2019 as one the top 20 Health Tech Companies in Singapore with a maturity score of 63!